• Highest level of efficiency in all activities especially those relating to the Unit’s mandate and any other duty in which the Unit is involved. 
  • Highest level of expertise in consonance with best standards in the consultancy industry.
  • Quality driven services at the best cost both to the unit and the customer.
  • Optimum revenue generation for the National Institute through committed services, prudence and the highest standard of accountability 
  • Generate intellectual output of the highest standard consistent with the best quality in global environment. 
  • Exploit optimally the human and physical resources in the Institute for maximal resource generation.


NIPSSCONSULT is to play a major role in harnessing intellectual output drawing on local and international resources to facilitate human capacity enhancement for both the public and private sectors in Nigeria and the Africa continent in general, in furtherance of the NIPSS mandate. It is also envisaged that this unit will generate ideas and resources that will drive significant internal revenue generation.

SCCR Participants

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